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VISA knows no boundaries  
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Raiffeisen Bank in Jun 2004 with comments
(Ad Campaigns, Banka & Finance, Professional)
Entering the Kosovar market for the first time, VISA launched with a set of TV commercials depicting various situations, which, when zoomed out, turned to different realities. For example, one of the commercials started off in a forest, which, when camera zoomed out, was in fact a vegetable stall inside a supermarket. We were briefed to produce a print campaign consistent with the TV commercials.

We developed an outdoor print, brochures and leaflets for Raiffeisen Bank's "VISA knows no boundaries" campaign for VISA and VISA Electron launch, depicting a "city" made of everyday objects one buys on a store with a credit/debit card. The billboard looks like a city from afar, only to be seen as a selection of products from up-close.
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