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Electricity is just another product  
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for European Union in Aug 2007 with comments
(Ad Campaigns, Design & Layout, Public & Politics)
We were asked to produce a campaign to make consumers aware that non-payment and illegal connections are wrong and can be punishable. At the same time, making people aware that by paying regularly and not stealing electricity there will be more available for everyone.

Electricity was presented as a product, similar to other products people buy in supermarkets. The idea was to represent electric energy as something that one can touch and feel, in order to make it more real to the consumer. The campaign would provide detailed information as to how important paying for and saving electricity is and how the more compliant people are, the better for everyone. Slogan for this campaign was “Edhe rryma është product që blehet. Paguaje që ta kesh!” (Electricity, too, is a product you buy. Pay it to have it!).

The entire campaign was launched through a range of services: Two strong TV commercials, for paying and saving, posters, billboards, flyers, radio adverts, stickers, newspaper adverts and website.


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