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Wanna have TEXT? Who doesn’t?  
Hot Pick Created in Albania for AMC in Jul 2008 with comments
(Ad Campaigns, Brand & Identity, Telecom & IT)
Revamping the AMC SMS Flirt service required something new and unusual. The service itself had been around for a while, but needed a boost by current and new users.

Being that SMS flirting is mainly dedicated to younger consumers and ultimately has a sexual connotation, we came up with a rather daring copy, replacing the word "sex" with "TEXT" in every headline, as well as creating various elements that are associated with sex.

Headlines, such as "I wanna have TEXT with you tonight", "I like to have TEXT outdoors" and "I had TEXT last night all night" were used in TV and printed media, as well as using specific headlines for banners, saying "Have TEXT, not war", "movie" posters "TEXT and the City" and leaflets in the shape of door hangers saying "Leave me alone, I am having TEXT" and "Don't disturb, I'm having TEXT".

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