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Because we can
Created in Albania for Other clients in Feb 2009 with comments
(Ad Campaigns, Brand & Identity, Professional)
Newly founded Concord Investment had a lot to offer, yet lacked an identity and a way to spread their news in the best way possible. We were asked to produce a whole range of products, starting from the identity to TV and print production.

Being that their offer was truly special and unique in town, selling housing from as low as 350 euros per square meter all around Tirana, we decided to announce it the way something like this really needs announcing - through a big, orange megaphone. The message we conveyed was simple and clear, saying exactly what was offered, choosing an appropriate slogan for the company - Because We Can.

The campaign was an immediate success, bringing thousands of requests within the first few days of launching, to a point of overcrowding of the client's offices and overloading of their phone lines.

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