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Vala corporate re-branding  
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Vala in Nov 2007 with comments
(Ad Campaigns, Brand & Identity, Telecom & IT)
Being the only mobile operator in the country at the time, Vala 900 underwent a number of technical enhancements to improve customer services, simultaneously requiring a new corporate image to take the company to the next level. With the second mobile operator in sight, Vala 900 requested a thorough re-branding and a strong identity to remain a strong competitor.

Simplifying its name to just Vala, we produced a new, modern and playful corporate image, retaining company's name and presence, whilst giving it a youthful feel using the letter V to represent a butterfly, a heart or a flip mobile phone.

An array of products was designed and produced, including concept and production of TV commercial, billboards, newspaper ads, brochures, leaflets, calendars, stickers, SIM Cards, scratchcards, merchandise and many other branded materials, making it one of the strongest brands in Kosova today.

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