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Sempre - always, everywhere  
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Sempre in Dec 2011 with comments
(Ad Campaigns, Design & Layout, Promos & Events, Food & Drinks, Production)
Having recently entered the market to boldly compete with a 30 year old import, Kosova made Sempre biscuits required an entrance with some flair. We came up with a simple, unusual, straight to the point, witty and emotional TV commercial, that would feature the biscuit as the main character of two stories, one narrated by a 10 year old child, the other by a mother. Both were to present the biscuit as the perfect choice for the entire family, to be eaten just about everywhere, at any time, with anything.

Both 2D animated cartoons tell a story of a happy family, caught eating Sempre in various situations. The videos are accompanied by print materials in the shape of newspaper and magazine ads, leaflets, children's activity booklets and other outdoor materials, mostly distributed in shopping malls, childcare and nurseries, during the hours when the children are picked up.

Mothers were given samples of the product for free, together with leaflets containing information and recipes for various cakes, while children would be entertained with activity books containing riddles, poems, spelling, maths and colouring activities.

The campaign showed immediate raise in sales. Proving to be an immaculate product, Sempre steadily continues to grow, increasing its market share daily.

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