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Hot Pick Created in Kosova for AMC in Apr 2009 with comments
(Ad Campaigns, Design & Layout, Telecom & IT, Entertainment)
AMC launched a new and unusual product called Zlango, specially made to spice up the SMS writing amoung the younger mobile phone subscribers. Zlango is a set of funny, well designed icons, each of them with a meaning, offered to users to be sent as SMS at a small price per icon.

We produced a range of print materials, including leaflets and even complete bus stop branding, with funny examples of how Zlango can be used to communicate. For a TV commercial, we chose a very simple, to many slighly annoying, but jolly and catchy song, lyrics of which would be replaced with Zlango icons.

The campaign immediately became a hit, remaining the talk of the town for a lengthy period of time.

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