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Get out the vote!
Created in Kosova for USAID in Nov 2004 with comments
(Ad Campaigns, Design & Layout, Public & Politics)
2004 Kosovar elections Get Out the Vote campaign required a strong call to action message, in order to increase the voter turnout, which was relatively low during the previous elections. Our solution tackled the six most important issues of every Kosovar citizen at that time: electricity, water, work, street infrastructure, education and international status, by getting everyone to voice their opinion by voting, rather than complaining about the government and refusing to cast their ballot.

"Mos u anko, voto!" (Don't complain, vote!) launched with over 150,000 printed units in the shape of posters, leaflets, T-shirts and TV commercial.

This piece of work was awarded the "USAID Worldwide Poster of the Year 2004".
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