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Pick a loan… any loan….
Created in Kosova for Raiffeisen Bank in Apr 2004 with comments
(Ad Campaigns, Banka & Finance)
Producing a single campaign for two separate products is never easy, even if they belong to the same category. Although Flexi and Personal are both loans, the subtle differences made it challenging to visualize together. Flexi Loan was tailored for customers who wished to have that extra little cash in the shape of the overdraft equaling the size of their monthly salary, while Personal Loan was meant for customers who wished something more, up to €20,000.

The end result was the production and design of outdoor material portraying characters in two different locations, visually interlinked with each other through situations that describe the use of each of the bank products. While Flexi Loan allows that extra cash you need for a holiday, Personal Loan is ideal for refurnishing your home.

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