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European Union | 3 projects
EUICC website
Created in Kosova for European Union in Dec 2011 with comments
(Web & Games, Public & Politics)

The design of EUICC (EU Information and Cultural Centre) website is made to reflect the European values and services offered by this centre....
Come to Europe  
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for European Union in May 2008 with comments
(Brand & Identity, Design & Layout, Promos & Events, Education, Public & Politics, Entertainment)

"Come to Europe" was an edutainment program, funded by ICO (International Civilian Office), to engage citizens of Kosova in a quiz contest about the...
Electricity is just another product  
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for European Union in Aug 2007 with comments
(Ad Campaigns, Design & Layout, Public & Politics)

We were asked to produce a campaign to make consumers aware that non-payment and illegal connections are wrong and can be punishable. At the same...
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