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We don't just pride ourselves with work we do for various clients. More often than not, we find the time to follow our heart and produce things that come from the inside. They are usually pro-bono pieces of work for certain communities, or the whole country, dedicated to improve the quality of life, be it though a game, a website, or even a national monument.
Love your own
Created in Kosova in Sep 2011
"Duaje tënden" (Love Your Own) is an initiative in kooperation with Lëvizja VETËVENDOSJE! (Self-determination Movement) aimed to promote local produce.

Visit Facebook page.

We designed and produced hundreds of thousands 3cm stickers, which were placed in local products all over the stores and supermarkets in Kosova, through 20,000 young activists of the movement.

The campaign's aim was to promote local economy, by identifying local produce, thus increase the sales, production and potentially create jobs. It echoed throughout the country within hours and within months results have shown decrease in import of goods that can be replace by home produce. Many manufacturers incorporated this symbol in their packaging, thus making the campaign perpetually ongoing.
Where to go?
Created in Albania & Kosova in Jul 2011
This website is our own initiative to contribute to the Albanian online online services, which lack content in many different fields.

We realized that there is very little information about various events in Kosova, be it a concert, a show, or even a live gig in a bar. Most of this information is usually relayed in social media, mainly Facebook, often not easy to find, unless you are specifically invited.

We decided to create ("Kah me shku?" means "Where to go?"), an events website that will serve exclusively to show events and venues in Kosova, soon to cover Albania, too.

Click here to visit the website.
The Little Red Book
Created in Kosova in Dec 2008
The Little Red Book is Ogilvy | Karrota's self promotional, 148 page publication in the shape of a small book, containing a glossary of marketing, advertising and online terminology in Albanian language.

It was designed specifically to serve as a gift to clients, students and all people interested in advertising and willing to learn a new thing or two in this field.

If you are interested to own a copy (or three), feel free to email us on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

You can download the PDF format of the book (2.3 MB).

Or, you can view our online glossary by clicking here.
NEWBORN Monument   
Created in Kosova in Feb 2008
Only 11 days before the actual day, we came up with an idea that would add to the celebration event for the biggest day in the country’s history - The Declaration of Independence. The challenge was to avoid any instance that would uproar the crowd but would still provide a joyful manifestation that would mark this historical day.

Read Wikipedia article.
See Facebook page.

The Solution
We created the giant sculpture, spelling the word "NEWBORN", that is made out of steel frames wrapped around by 4mm-thick metal sheets. Each letter is 3 meters high by 1 meter deep and weighs roughly 1 ton. It is painted with durable yellow metal paint that is resistant to all elements. The entire installation is 24 meters long.

We chose the word NEWBORN to encapsulate in one word everything that the independence was going to bring to the country. We intentionally used English to globally pass on the message of the "newest" country being born.

We then turned this word into an interactive sculpture, to mark this event with a symbol that would be part of this day and the people that gathered around it. This would be used as a tool for the people to express all their emotions via the black permanent markers, which we provided during the event. This took place on February 17, 2008.

The Results
Over 150,000 people wrote on the sculpture, starting with the President and the Prime Minister. Those meaningful signatures became art. The media coverage spanned throughout the world.

Hundreds of thousands of people witnessed it, millions saw it on TV. CNN and other major networks covered it live. The sculpture also made it to the front page of The New York Times, and was mentioned in other newspapers such as The International Herald Tribune, The Observer, Sydney Herald, etc., while the BBC, Spiegel Online and others featured it on their websites. As a result, the media worldwide refers to Kosovo as the "newborn country".

Today, this sculpture has become the Monument of the Declaration of Independence of Kosova.

Awarded with:
One Show Merit Award
Bronze David Award

Cannes Gold Lion Award
Silver Clio Award
Silver Eurobest Award
Golden Drum Grand Prix
London International Awards Finalist

NEWBORN in the media

This event was featured in various media across the world, listed below:

BBC NEWS - Kosovo's PM in independence nod
BBC - Kosovo's giant mosh pit
AdWeek - Ideas That Inspire
Huffington Post - Defiant Kosovo Celebrates Independence
The Washington Times - Kosovo’s celebration Western-tinged
NY Daily News - Kosovo celebrates declaration of independence as Russia protests
The Telegraph (Australia) - Jubilation and hatred over Kosovo
The Sydney Morning Herald - Kosovo is born to cheers and jeers
New Kosova Report - NEWBORN, the symbol of Kosovo Independence
Picturetank - Kosovo : a young country looking for recognition

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Whenever you’re bored
Created in Kosova in Sep 2005
Shoot that Carrot and Toilet Seat are self-promotional games made in Flash, designed to waste time playing them, whenever you're bored. Ah, they are also made to show off how good we are in this.

Play Shoot that Carrot game.

Play Toilet Seat game.
Prishtina city centre map   
Created in Kosova in Aug 2005
A unique way of combining pixel-art with Flash to create a map of downtown Prishtina, solely used for self-promotion, as a location map for our company's offices.

Click here to see the animated map.

Awarded the Imelda Ogilvy Network Nutty Peanut Award in 2006.
Identity for Karrota
Created in Kosova in Feb 2004
Design of logo and identity for Karrota, which is how our newly founded advertising agency was originally named.
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