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Star of the month
Albiana Ajeti Turbedar
April 2013   
For becoming a mum by bringing to life a beautiful baby boy, Aras, the latest addition to our big family.
Vigan Kada
March 2013   
For doing the impossible to create a great animation, without dying. It can clearly be seen in his face.
NEWBORN 5 volunteers
February 2013   
For showing tremendous love, and for bringing back hope by showing that whenever there's will, success is imminent. Thank you.
Tuba Saf├žiu
January 2013   
For being efficient throughout the month and being modestly quiet about it. Mostly because she's always drinking something.
Besnik Bujupi*
*The best of year 2012   
For the entertaining and heartbreaking musical performance at restaurant "Te Burdushi", promoting his new album.
Flutura Ibrahimi
December 2012   
For managing a superb event and eating all their chocolate. Also, for sending presents to children and eating all their chocolate.
Lum Gashi
November 2012   
For designing a beautiful logo that client hated very much. After meeting Lum, this client never contacted us again.
Fitim Gashi
Tetor 2012   
He joined our team about five months ago and we still don't know what he does here. Maybe this will make him start working.
Bardh Godanca
September 2012   
For finally learning how to use a Mac and stop scratching his head every time we ask him to do something.
Vigan Kada
August 2012   
For producing some really really great and creative things, or so he says. We haven't seen them yet and we don't know what they are.
Pleurat Spahiu
July 2012   
Every time someone new joins our company, we make them stars of the month, to make fun of their photos. Cruel.
Fitim Gashi
June 2012   
Every time someone new joins our company, we make them stars of the month, to fool them into thinking they're good. Cruel.
Safete Tupalla
May 2012   
She can become the star of the month every time she feels like it. Again, this month she felt like it.
Albiana Ajeti Turbedar
April 2012   
For paying our salaries in full, on time.
Safete Tupalla
March 2012   
Because she's worth it.
Bardh Godanca
February 2012   
He designed so many little, but beautiful cards, mostly during late hours at night, that he'll probably dream about them for months.
Safete Tupalla
January 2012   
She can become the star of the month every time she feels like it. This month she felt like it.
Flutura Ibrahimi*
*The best of Year 2011   
For keeping her cool and managing the work during probably the worst year since the company was founded.
Luan Berisha*
*The best of Year 2010   
For leaving the company to start his own business and leaving us in peace. Thank god.
Nita Xharra*
*The best of Year 2009   
For creating so many beautiful things and modestly keeping quiet about it. And for being sweet, too.
Nita Salihu*
*The best of Year 2008   
For the greatest internal joke of the year, entitled See you (Shihemi). Kudos to Nita, who is usually a very hard working and quiet person.
Besnik Bujupi*
*The best of Year 2007   
For doing something very important in 15 minutes, that his boss couldn't do in 2 hours, even though he tried.
Etrit Zeneli*
*The best of Year 2006   
For printing one million stickers (yes, yes, one million!) in two days, not breaking the printer and not dying in the workplace.
Fisnik Ismaili*
*The best of Year 2005   
Because he's the boss. Because he can. Because he negotiated and managed the process of becoming Ogilvy. Because he's so handsome!
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