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Ogilvy | Karrota, Clio Award Finalists
Announcement related to Awards in Kosova on 16/04/2013
NEW YORK - Ogilvy | Karrota has been shortlisted for the prestigious 54th Annual Clio Award Festival, which is to be held in New York City on 15th May 2013.

Following our success in 2008, which was awarded with a Silver Clio in design category for creating NEWBORN Monument, we were once more privileged to be selected among the best 10% of the greatest pieces of work around the globe, for the repainting of NEWBORN Monument with the flags of countries that recognised Kosova's independence, ahead of country's 5th Anniversary.

We thank Clio Awards for giving us the tremendous opportunity to shine once more this year.

See the awarded project: NEWBORN Monument - 5
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