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NEWBORN to be repainted by the citizens
News related to Products in Kosova on 15/02/2013
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Ogilvy | Karrota, the creators of NEWBORN, Monument Marking the Declaration of Independence of Kosova on 17 February 2008, winners of many design awards, including Cannes Gold Lion, last night has invited all the citizens, through social media, to help them re-paint this monument with the flags of all the countries that have recognized its independence, on Saturday, February 16th, from 10:00 in the morning, in order to complete the work by the next day, on the 5th Independence Anniversary.

The request to re-paint the monument differently on every 17th February has been presented by the author, Fisnik Ismaili, to the Government of Kosova and Prishtina Municipality back in 2009, just before the 1st Independence Anniversary, but has been continuously refused every year, including the current, without a specific reason, but always with a political background.

This year, the Jubilee Anniversary Celebration Organizing Committee, led by the Government of Kosova officials, has decided to re-paint NEWBORN monument for the first time in five years, back to its original yellow (which is not the original shade), ignoring the author’s proposals and the monument’s purpose, symbolism and maintenance, totally dismissing the intellectual property rights issues and potential legal implications this action cause.

Therefore, in response to this violation, not only towards intellectual property rights, but also the freedom of expression, Fisnik Ismaili has decided to re-paint the monument as it has been proposed in the 1st anniversary, without official authorities’ approval, receiving huge support from citizens, who will assist this initiative, as can be seen by their massive support in Facebook and Twitter.

Ismaili continues to explain that NEWBORN is a piece of work dedicated to every citizen to express their feelings on it, in any way, even if it involves using other colours. Thus, painting NEWBORN with the flags of all the countries that recognized Kosova’s independence symbolizes the gratitude towards these places and, at the same time, serves as a message to invite other countries’ recognitions.

Fisnik also announces that he will continue to execute the initial idea, which has been denied to him for 5 years now, by re-painting the NEWBORN Monument for every Independance Anniversary. This way, he adds, not only that this steel construction will be free of rust by continuous maintenance, but will also create a monument unique to the world, by retaining its shape, but changing its face every year.

This will both contribute to the increased artistical value of NEWBORN Monument, already known as the icon of the positive Kosovar image worldwide, and will incite more frequent visits as a touristic attraction, adding to, however small, economical development.

Relevant authorities will be notified in advance during today’s day, about this entirely peaceful activity without any political implications, which is being supported by many citizens who wish to see the NEWBORN Monument the way it was supposed to have been developed in the last 5 years.

Click here to read about the creation of NEWBORN Monument in 2008.
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