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Visiting children in the villages of northern Kosova
Announcement related to Our team in Kosova on 19/12/2012
MITROVICA - For the second year in a row, what is now becoming somewhat a tradition, Ogilvy | Karrota organized a visit to the northernmost Albanian villages of Kosova, to hand them end-of-year festivities present.

This year, once again, the children of the isolated villages Bistricë, Cerajë dhe Koshtovë, in the north of Kosova, were overjoyed to receive 60 presents packed with local products we managed to gather. This year it was even bigger, since many people were able to contribute, through a friendly initiative on Facebook.

A huge thanks goes to these producers and individuals, who contributed to the completion of this initiative:

ASK Foods. – Ajvar and Mum's juice
Dent-in – Toothbrushes and guides for maintaining healthy teeth
Devolli Group – Vita milk and Tango juice
Global Development (Bujar Hoxha) – Logistic assistance (transport)
Kujtesa Internet – Logistic assistance (transport)
Liri – Biscuits and other sweets.
Pegas-Tex – Children's socks
Pestova – Vipa chips
Raif Gjikolli – Schoolbagas and other goodies, such as pens an pencil sharpeners.

Afërdita Krasniqi – 20€
Arianit Berisha – a package with various items
Behar Galica – 700 Swedish Krona - Sweden
Blerim Kullashi – 50€
Dardan Blaku dhe Blerta Blaku – 50€
Edmond Meqa - 50€ - Luxemburg
Marta Rodiqi - 20€
Marigona Gashi – 10€
Mentor Vorfi – 100€
Naime Morina – 10€
Xhevdet Latifi – 20€
Ogilvy | Karrota – 350€

We bought 60 illustrated books "Fun With Numbers", illustrated books "Fun With Animals", written by Mirela Kraja, pencils, notebooks, drawing pads, watercolours, scarves, gloves and wooly hats.

(Photos by Fitim Gashi)
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