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Ogilvy | Karrota relaunch website
Announcement related to Web & Games in Kosova on 16/09/2012
PRISHTINA - Yes, it is very embarrassing. It has been very, very long ago, since we decided to re-publish our website. The saying "The shoemaker's son always goes barefoot" seems to follow us around.

It has been a very busy period for us, full of work and fun, we just couldn't find the time to get on with our website, and we apologize for it.

Our new website has some new features, making it very functional and easy to use. We now have a blog, where the best of the creative industry in Kosova contribute regularly for the community. We also have a small glossary of terms in marketing, advertising and online, to assist students and all those interested in our field to always learn a bit more.

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