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Happy from Prishtina  
Announcement related to Our team in Kosova on 13/05/2014

PRISHTINA - The now famous Pharrell Williams' video of the song "Happy", that has been filmed in cities around the world, has finally been produced...
Karrota and Ogilvy go their separate ways  
News related to Management in Kosova on 02/04/2014

PRISHTINË - After eight years of wonderful collaboration, Karrota and Ogilvy decide to part ways, primarily as a result of global economic crisis of...
NEWBORN is being repainted for 6th anniversary  
News related to Products in Kosova on 01/02/2014

PRISHTINA - NEWBORN Monument will be repainted this year, in the 6th Independence Anniversary, with the camouflage patterns of major world armies...
Ogilvy | Karrota, Clio Award Finalists  
Announcement related to Awards in Kosova on 16/04/2013

NEW YORK - Ogilvy | Karrota has been shortlisted for the prestigious 54th Annual Clio Award Festival, which is to be held in New York City on 15th...
NEWBORN to be repainted by the citizens  
News related to Products in Kosova on 15/02/2013

See the Facebook event here Ogilvy | Karrota, the creators of NEWBORN, Monument Marking the Declaration of Independence of Kosova on 17 February...
Visiting children in the villages of northern Kosova  
Announcement related to Our team in Kosova on 19/12/2012

MITROVICA - For the second year in a row, what is now becoming somewhat a tradition, Ogilvy | Karrota organized a visit to the northernmost Albanian...
Raiffeisen Bank selects us once again  
Announcement related to Promos & Events in Kosova on 05/10/2012

PRISHTINA - Once again, Ogilvy | Karrota was selected as Raiffeisen Bank's favourite, to organize the 2012 end-of-year festivities party at Emerald...
Ogilvy | Karrota at the Financial Fair  
News related to Our team in Kosova on 27/09/2012

PRISHTINA - A large number of Kosovar banks, financial institutions and insurance companies are taking part in the latest Financial Fair held in...
Prishtina, a little more beautiful  
Announcement related to Our team in Kosova on 24/09/2012

PRISHTINA - The Creative Lead at Ogilvy | Karrota, Pleurat Spahiu, executed his individual work of art, chosen as part of the project named "Street...
Ogilvy | Karrota relaunch website  
Announcement related to Web & Games in Kosova on 16/09/2012

PRISHTINA - Yes, it is very embarrassing. It has been very, very long ago, since we decided to re-publish our website. The saying "The shoemaker's...
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