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The more, the cheaper
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for IPKO in Apr 2014
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Production and execution of IPKO's "Business Free Team" offer campaign, including a TV commercial, outdoor designs, leaflets and a smartphone game. The game depicts bakery products multiplying, which complements the offer, where the more employees in the group, the cheaper the calls become.

Click here to see the Byrek game.

NEWBORN Monument - 5  
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for City of Prishtina in Feb 2013
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Unveiled for the first time in 17 February 2008, the day Kosova declared its independence, NEWBORN immediately became the highlight of the evening, the symbol representing that event, which, the very next day, became me monument marking the Independence of Kosova, appearing on front pages of most major newspapers around the world.

Read Wikipedia article.
See Facebook page.

This piece, winner of Cannes Gold lion, Silver Clio, Silver Eurobest, Golden Drum Grand Prix and several more awards, was denied the execution of the initial idea right from the first independence anniversary, to be repainted differently and unveiled every year on 17th February.

As such, NEWBORN would become a living sculpture. Would become an attraction, never changing shape, but looking differently every year, making it unique in the world.

However, being constantly neglected by the Government of Kosova and Prishtina Municipality for five straight years, the creators of NEWBORN Monument were continuously denied their requests to maintain and repaint it, until just a few days before its 5th anniversary, when the Government of Kosova decided to paint it to its original yellow colour, which wasn’t even near the previous yellow.

Doing this without consulting the creators of the monument, thus violating intellectual property rights, the government attempted to control and politicize it.

As a sign of revolt, only two days before the 5th Independence Anniversary, we made a public call via Facebook and Twitter asking for help to re-paint NEWBORN together, by drawing the flags of 98 countries that recognized Kosova’s independence. This would serve as a message of gratitude to these countries for recognizing us, would invite other countries to recognize us, and would remind the Government of the Republic of Kosova that there is still plenty of work to do, to secure a seat in the United Nations.

The response was massive. Thousands of people loved the idea, and many offered themselves to help with the painting, tools and money for this project.

After a day of planning, the painting started at 7:00am of 16th February, just a day before the Jubilee Anniversary, bringing together people from all places in Kosova and neighboring countries, even foreigners. Over 60 people took part in the painting process of NEWBORN, while about 80 others helped with logistics and organizing.

The painting lasted for long 24 hours and ended in the dawn of 17 February 2013. Thousands of people who went out in the streets of Prishtina to celebrate the Kosova’s 5th Independence Anniversary visited the NEWBORN Monument, announcing, once again, that this was the highlight of the festivities.

NEWBORN Monument returns to the people of Kosova once again.

Below are all the names of the people and companies who helped execute this project, to whom we are forever grateful.

1. Albiana Ajeti Turbedar
2. Bardh Godanca
3. Besnik Bujupi
4. Desumena Laçi
5. Fisnik Ismaili
6. Fitim Gashi
7. Flutura Ibrahimi
8. Lum Gashi
9. Pleurat Spahiu
10. Safete Tupalla
11. Tuba Safçiu
12. Vigan Kada

1. Adea Pula
2. Adelina Hajzeraj
3. Adelina Mehmeti
4. Adnan Beqiraj
5. Adrian Gecaj
6. Agon Haxhikadrija
7. Agron Shala
8. Alban Vitija
9. Albulena …
10. Arban Mehmeti
11. Arben Grazhdani
12. Arbnora Gosalci
13. Ardian Thaçi
14. Arianit Beqiri
15. Arlind Demaj
16. Arlind Dërmaku
17. Arlinda Bajrami
18. Arsa Ademi
19. Artan Islami
20. Artan Zeneli
21. Arvan Berisha
22. Asdren Behra
23. Bekim Hoti
24. Bes Hoxha
25. Besa Berberi
26. Blerim Dërvishi
27. Blerta Rrustemi
28. Dejona Mihali
29. Dijar Bajrami
30. Drin Zatriqi
31. Edip Gashi
32. Edona Bajcinca
33. Egzon Kryeziu
34. Elisa Maxhuni
35. Endrit Begolli
36. Eneida Rabdishta
37. Erjonë Popova
38. Erza Maxhuni
39. Fisnik Ukshini
40. Fitore Pacolli Dalipi
41. Florian Gorqaj
42. Genc Hoxha
43. Gentrina Haskaj
44. Gjeraqina Zhuri
45. Granit Bunjaku
46. Ilir Dalipi
47. Ilir Krasniqi
48. Jeta Berisha
49. Jetëmira Berisha
50. Joseph Madden
51. Julie Cunningham
52. Krenar Krasniqi
53. Kreshnik Hyseni
54. Lekë Gusia
55. Lirim Krasniqi
56. Lot Hashani
57. Lumni Amrushi
58. Mic Sokoli
59. Migjen Berisha
60. Mimoza Gojani
61. Mimoza Sylejmani
62. Mrina Godanca
63. Nagip Taipi
64. Naim Berisha
65. Naim Gashi
66. Nita Bukoshi
67. Nita Qena
68. Orgesa Rafuna
69. Patrik Domi
70. Perprarim Krasniqi
71. Petrit Domi
72. Qamil Canolli
73. Qëndresa Kavaja
74. Redon Kika
75. Redon Prekazi
76. Refik Gashi
77. Rifat Cuzi
78. Rinora Gojani
79. Safet Haxhijaha
80. Sara Rafuna
81. Shkenca Goçi
82. Shoghi Emerson
83. Suhel Ahmeti
84. Tea Pula
85. Teuta Kelmendi
86. Teuta Pula
87. Tiki Avdyli
88. Urtinë Bajrami
89. Valmir Avdiaj
90. Valon Bllaca
91. Valon M. Bllaca
92. Valon Simnica
93. Vigjilencë Islami
94. Viktor Zeneli
95. Vjollca Pacolli
96. Vjosa Pacolli
97. Vlora Podvorica
98. Vudi Xhemshiti
99. Wessel Catshoek
100. Xheraldina Rexhepi
101. Xhixhi Beluli

1. Adelina Hajzeraj
2. ALB Architect
3. Ana,Dardan,Iris,Ron
4. Arian Henci
5. American School of Kosova - ASK
6. Balkan Investigative Reporting Network - BIRN
7. Besim Llapashtica
8. Bleron Baraliu
9. Bujar Qerreti
10. Burim Leci
11. Dardan Sejdiu
12. Donika Hasani
13. Fabrika e letrës Flutura
14. Fikret Sheholli
15. Golden Eagle
16. Idriz Shabani
17. Kastrati Bowling
18. Linda Shala
19. Lorik Kadrolli
20. Moni Rrmoku
21. Petrit Musa
22. Raif Gjikolli
23. Rromir Shala / Digi Print
24. Sami N Salihu
25. Soho Street
26. Techno Market
27. Tecol Prishtine
28. Valentina Hajdini
29. Visar Peci
30. Xheladin Ujkani

If you were part of this project and we have unintentionally forgotten to write your name on this list, please email Flutura Ibrahimi, by writing your name & surname, e-mail address, phone number and a brief description of your involvement.

Thank you.

NEWBORN - 5 in the media

This event was featured in various media across the world, listed below:

BBC World - Republic of Kosovo prepares for anniversary
BBC - Kosovo marks fifth year of independence from Serbia
CCTV English - Video: Kosovo Marks 5th Anniv. of Idependence
AP - Kosovo Celebrates 5 Years of Independence
Huffington Post - Kosovo Independence Day: 5th Anniversary Of Secession From Serbia Celebrated
Yahoo! News - Kosovo celebrates 5 years of independence
Cafebabel - Live from Kosovo, the country which turned five
Demotix - The fifth anniversary of the independence of Kosovo
KTV - Lajmet e Mbrëmjes, 16 shkurt 2013
Klan Kosova - Edicioni i lajmeve
Gazeta Shqip - Kosova pesë vjet pavarësi, NEWBORN të ri-ngjyroset sërish nga qytetarët
Prishtina Press - Painting of Newborn Monument and Celebrating Kosova’s Independence

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Work | Creation of NEWBORN Monument in 2008
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Shamelessly red
Hot Pick Created in Albania for Birra Tirana in Dec 2012
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To promote the end-of-the-year festive prize winning offer from Kuqalashe bottle caps, we were asked to produce something special, and we did exactly that.

The fact that the official face of Kuqalashe is the famous beaty, Afërdita Dreshaj, makes this beer special in the first place. Our job and wish were to create something unforgettable. We achieved this by giving the TV commercial a twist, showing that great things don't come easy, but when they do, they're breathtaking.

The campaign became an instant hit accross Albania, and the last part of the dialogue is still used as a catchphrase.

Life is unpredictable
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Other clients in Nov 2012
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Creative production of a corporate campaign for Dardania Insurance company, one of the seasoned players in the industry, that required a fresh image and a friendlier approach with high impact and a limited budget.

The execution included an animated TV commercial depicting all the services offered by the company, as well as print materials in the shape of leaflets, newspaper adverts and outdoor media.

Fiancial Fair creative production
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Kosova Banks in Oct 2012
See all work in Brand & Identity, Promos & Events
Financial Fair, a Kosovar Bankers' Association initiative, is held every year to bring banks, financial institutions and insurance companies together, putting them closer to consumers.

This year, in cooperation with Connect Management & Consulting, we were selected to develop the identity, promote and organize the Financial Fair 2012. This included the design of logo and identity, catalogues, brochures, agendas and other promotional material, together with the promotion of the fair in the media, billboards, posters, bicycle boards, printed media, as well as the event and space management.
UK degree in Prishtina
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Riinvest Institute in Aug 2012
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UK's Staffordshire University has recently entered the education scene in Kosova, as an affiliate program with British Faculty of Business (BFoB). Being the first of its kind in the country, BfoB asked us to capture a potential market of parents and students who wish to obtain a genuine Bachelor or Master UK degree from this prestigious university.

In addition to complete brand execution and design of promotional materials, we produced a unique set of animated videos, containing elements Brits are well known about, such as their tea, James Bond, doubledecker buses, Big Ben, the famous phone box, and of course, their strong educational system and values, which are for the first time brought to Prishtina.

Adding to the convenience of not having to go all the way to UK to complete the studies, earning a UK degree is now much more affordable, while the service and the quality remains as great as it is in Staffordshire University itself.

Sempre - always, everywhere
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Sempre in Dec 2011
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Having recently entered the market to boldly compete with a 30 year old import, Kosova made Sempre biscuits required an entrance with some flair. We came up with a simple, unusual, straight to the point, witty and emotional TV commercial, that would feature the biscuit as the main character of two stories, one narrated by a 10 year old child, the other by a mother. Both were to present the biscuit as the perfect choice for the entire family, to be eaten just about everywhere, at any time, with anything.

Both 2D animated cartoons tell a story of a happy family, caught eating Sempre in various situations. The videos are accompanied by print materials in the shape of newspaper and magazine ads, leaflets, children's activity booklets and other outdoor materials, mostly distributed in shopping malls, childcare and nurseries, during the hours when the children are picked up.

Mothers were given samples of the product for free, together with leaflets containing information and recipes for various cakes, while children would be entertained with activity books containing riddles, poems, spelling, maths and colouring activities.

The campaign showed immediate raise in sales. Proving to be an immaculate product, Sempre steadily continues to grow, increasing its market share daily.

End of year 2011 party
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Raiffeisen Bank in Dec 2011
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We were asked to organize the end of year party for all the employees of Raiffeisen Bank in Kosova. The main requirement was to make it a night to remember.

The exclusive service at Emerald Hotel provided the most important ingredient for a good party: food and drinks. Keeping over 800 guests entertained for six hours, though, was a challenge in itself.

We arranged a number of activities: It started off with classical music during the reception, during which time guests took their pictures at the photo corner, to get framed photographs at the end of the party, registration for the ruffle ticket prize draw and the quiz.

After a brief presentation by the CEO, talking about the successes of 2011 and expectations for 2012, as well as the handing of the Employee of the Year award, the entertainment continued with a combination or rock, latino and Albanian folk music, the ruffle ticket prize draw that sent the winners to fancy weekends in Turkey, Macedonia and a dinner at an exclusive restaurant. Winners of the quiz competition received 2 kg of finest Belgian chocolate.

The party concluded by presenting special branded gifts to employees, together with framed photographs they took during the reception. The event was talk of the town, for being the fanciest among the other similar parties by other corporations.
Kiss unemployment goodbye
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Luxembourg Dev in Nov 2011
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A campaign promoting National Vocational Centres around Kosova, offering free training in a large number of fields, such as carpentry, welding, electric installation, graphic design, business administration, accounting, building, and many more. These centres are dedicated to reduce unemployment.

We produced two TV commercials and a music video of the song made famous Kosovar rock band, Jericho, posters, billboards, leaflets, promotions in youth festivals and a number of other promo materials and activities.


Love your own
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Vetëvendosje in Sep 2011
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"Duaje tënden" (Love Your Own) is an initiative in kooperation with Lëvizja VETËVENDOSJE! (Self-determination Movement) aimed to promote local produce.

Visit Facebook page.

We designed and produced hundreds of thousands 3cm stickers, which were placed in local products all over the stores and supermarkets in Kosova, through 20,000 young activists of the movement.

The campaign's aim was to promote local economy, by identifying local produce, thus increase the sales, production and potentially create jobs. It echoed throughout the country within hours and within months results have shown decrease in import of goods that can be replace by home produce. Many manufacturers incorporated this symbol in their packaging, thus making the campaign perpetually ongoing.
Snoop Dogg is coming to town
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Z mobile in Jul 2010
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In close cooperation with Z mobile and numerous third-party companies, organizing Snoop Dogg's concert in the Prishtina City Stadium was one of the biggest projects executed by our company.

With a budget of over half a million euros, we catered to numerous requests we received, in order to organize an event of this size in Prishtina, considering all the circumstances and difficulties along the way.

We produced a campaign, designed SIM card packages that served as tickets, posters, billboards, citylights, t-shirts, print ads, brochures, leaflets and all kinds of promo materials. We promoted it throughout social media and organised the stage, the security, food & refreshments, accommodation and all the minute details required to make it a success.

Over 15,000 people attended the concert, which was one of the biggest events in the country at the time.

Say what you want, whenever you want
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Z mobile in Jun 2010
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"Mixha" (The uncle) became famous on the internet from a couple of TV interviews, where he speaks about happiness and doesn't hesitate to express himself in German language. These interviews became viral instantly.

We used this opportunity to bring Mixha to a different level. Since when he spoke hardly anyone understood him, we got him to talk about various things, including love, aliens, foorball, economy and global warming, among other things.

Under the slogan "Say what you want, whenever you want", Mixha went viral once again in 13 TV commercials for Z mobile, distributed only on YouTube and Facebook. He became even more famous, and so did our client. Videos made half a million views within a week.













Ngrohja globale
Experience the World Cup outloud
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Z mobile in Jun 2010
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We were asked to promote a special offer by Z mobile, which coincided with the Football World Cup during the month of June 2010.

We produced a campaign with an international football feel, showing people wearing football jerseys of different countries with Albanian funny names starting with the letter "Z" on their backs. We also produced Z mobile t-shirts in various colours as well as football style packaging for SIM cards.

The offer lasted for one month and sold over 30,000 SIM cards, which was a record selling month for Z mobile.


Create your own team
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Z mobile in Feb 2010
See all work in Ad Campaigns, Design & Layout
Promoting Z mobile's "Fol me 10" (Circle of 10) product was a bit of a challenge. A research showed that many users don't seem to put their 10 closest people in the circle, mainly because they don't know who to add, in order to use the value added from this product.

Our idea was to explain this by creating a football team, being that the World Cup was very near. The goalkeeper would be the user itself, while the team would consist of members of family and friends.

We produced three TV commercials using a famous football commentator, which gave the campaign an immediate impact. We also produced print advertisement, brochures and leaflets.



Z mobile corporate launch
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Z mobile in Jan 2010
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Launching of Z mobile MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) was one of the most challenging and enjoyable projects of the year, considering that two other mobile networks were already established in the market.

It was important to create an impact, which we did by launching a teaser campaign with four TV commercials, prior to widely broadcasting the first corporate TV commercial (all in the videos below), together with newspaper & magazine ads, billboards and citylights country wide.

The whole launch of this mobile operator started with a prestigious party with over 600 guests.


Z mobile corporate image
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Z mobile in Jan 2010
See all work in Brand & Identity, Web & Games
Launching of Z mobile MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) was one of the most challenging and enjoyable projects of the year. With two other mobile networks already established, fighting for a market share was a challenge in itself.

We created a brand that would be distinguishable from the competition, together with a set of designs that would follow the brand in the shape of origami. Each product or service had an origami figure that would identify it throughout advertisement, points of sale and promotional products.

Click here to visit the Z mobile website we created.
Great when things are done for you
Hot Pick Created in Albania for Other clients in Jun 2009
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When we were asked to produce a campaign for Credins Bank's Micro Loans, we imagined an invisible hand doing everything for your small business, because the product offered exactly that. The results can be seen in the print advertisement and the video we produced below.

For the next generation innovators
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for IPKO in Apr 2009
See all work in Brand & Identity, PR & Media
Design of identity, posters, newspaper ads and PR services for IPKO Foundation, an institution that rewards young technology savvy students with scholarships.

We used imagery portraying young people being in touch with technology, to appeal to the students of that age.
Say it with icons
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for AMC in Apr 2009
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AMC launched a new and unusual product called Zlango, specially made to spice up the SMS writing amoung the younger mobile phone subscribers. Zlango is a set of funny, well designed icons, each of them with a meaning, offered to users to be sent as SMS at a small price per icon.

We produced a range of print materials, including leaflets and even complete bus stop branding, with funny examples of how Zlango can be used to communicate. For a TV commercial, we chose a very simple, to many slighly annoying, but jolly and catchy song, lyrics of which would be replaced with Zlango icons.

The campaign immediately became a hit, remaining the talk of the town for a lengthy period of time.

The Little Red Book
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Karrota in Dec 2008
See all work in Design & Layout
The Little Red Book is Ogilvy | Karrota's self promotional, 148 page publication in the shape of a small book, containing a glossary of marketing, advertising and online terminology in Albanian language.

It was designed specifically to serve as a gift to clients, students and all people interested in advertising and willing to learn a new thing or two in this field.

If you are interested to own a copy (or three), feel free to email us on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

You can download the PDF format of the book (2.3 MB).

Or, you can view our online glossary by clicking here.
A story in every bottle
Hot Pick Created in Albania & Kosova for Other clients in Dec 2008
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After a short absence since re-branding and revamping of the recently privatised production facilities, the giant Rahoveci valley winery launched its first corporate campaign in over two decades, promoting the country's best in the industry.

Stone Castle, a new name with a long tradition of winemaking, sporting one of the biggest wineries in the Eastern Europe, is set to expand not only the neighbouring markets of Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro, but other parts of Europe and USA as well.

The campaign, launched during the end-of-year festivities, reflects the tradition, the passion and the love of winemaking, showing a lifetime story inside a bottle. This campaign includes a TV commercial and festive print ads and outdoor.

AMC Karta, new and improved
Hot Pick Created in Albania for AMC in Oct 2008
See all work in Ad Campaigns, Design & Layout
Following the launch of the new AMC SIM card with more features and a new name, we designed the new product brand, designed the packaging and developed a campaign for AMC Karta.

The new and improved AMC Karta is represented in many colours, each signifying a product feature or offer, such as "Friends & Family", "Bonus", "The Bundle", etc.

The image we developed reflects the ease and joy of using the new product by young and old, through strong visual abstract imagery. In other words, using the phone with AMC Karta ia as easy as blowing a kiss. This campaign includes a TV commercial, outdoor, print ads and package & SIM card design.

Wanna have TEXT? Who doesn’t?
Hot Pick Created in Albania for AMC in Jul 2008
See all work in Ad Campaigns, Brand & Identity
Revamping the AMC SMS Flirt service required something new and unusual. The service itself had been around for a while, but needed a boost by current and new users.

Being that SMS flirting is mainly dedicated to younger consumers and ultimately has a sexual connotation, we came up with a rather daring copy, replacing the word "sex" with "TEXT" in every headline, as well as creating various elements that are associated with sex.

Headlines, such as "I wanna have TEXT with you tonight", "I like to have TEXT outdoors" and "I had TEXT last night all night" were used in TV and printed media, as well as using specific headlines for banners, saying "Have TEXT, not war", "movie" posters "TEXT and the City" and leaflets in the shape of door hangers saying "Leave me alone, I am having TEXT" and "Don't disturb, I'm having TEXT".

Drink milk from carton
Hot Pick Created in Albania for Other clients in May 2008
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We were asked to produce a print campaign to increase the consumption of packaged milk the Albanian market, as well as raise the awareness about the advantages of using milk in carton, as opposed to loose milk, which was consumed at around 90% of the cases in this market - one of the highest in the region.

We developed a straight-forward concept, named "Drink Milk From Carton" as an outdoor and print campaign for Tetra Pak, presenting five reasons why it is healthier to drink milk from carton, using colourful and lively imagery to best describe the healthy characteristics of packaged milk. It consisted of posters, city lights, brochures and leaflets, distributed across the country.
Come to Europe
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for European Union in May 2008
See all work in Brand & Identity, Design & Layout, Promos & Events
"Come to Europe" was an edutainment program, funded by ICO (International Civilian Office), to engage citizens of Kosova in a quiz contest about the European Union, where contestants were given an opportunity to win a trip to Brussels. The contest was held via a "Come to Europe" truck, which traveled to different towns and cities in Kosova, performing theatrical shows, contests and other forms of entertainment.

Our responsibility was to create a joyful image for the whole project, that would bring the EU closer to the people, removing the "seriousness" barriers it sometimes reflects. This brand was applied in many places and promotional materials, starting from the branding of the truck, billboards, posters, newspaper and magazine ads, to items such as hats, t-shirts, keychains, bags, etc.
NEWBORN Monument  
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for City of Prishtina in Feb 2008
See all work in Ad Campaigns, Brand & Identity, Promos & Events
Only 11 days before the actual day, we came up with an idea that would add to the celebration event for the biggest day in the country’s history - The Declaration of Independence. The challenge was to avoid any instance that would uproar the crowd but would still provide a joyful manifestation that would mark this historical day.

Read Wikipedia article.
See Facebook page.

The Solution
We created the giant sculpture, spelling the word "NEWBORN", that is made out of steel frames wrapped around by 4mm-thick metal sheets. Each letter is 3 meters high by 1 meter deep and weighs roughly 1 ton. It is painted with durable yellow metal paint that is resistant to all elements. The entire installation is 24 meters long.

We chose the word NEWBORN to encapsulate in one word everything that the independence was going to bring to the country. We intentionally used English to globally pass on the message of the "newest" country being born.

We then turned this word into an interactive sculpture, to mark this event with a symbol that would be part of this day and the people that gathered around it. This would be used as a tool for the people to express all their emotions via the black permanent markers, which we provided during the event. This took place on February 17, 2008.

The Results
Over 150,000 people wrote on the sculpture, starting with the President and the Prime Minister. Those meaningful signatures became art. The media coverage spanned throughout the world.

Hundreds of thousands of people witnessed it, millions saw it on TV. CNN and other major networks covered it live. The sculpture also made it to the front page of The New York Times, and was mentioned in other newspapers such as The International Herald Tribune, The Observer, Sydney Herald, etc., while the BBC, Spiegel Online and others featured it on their websites. As a result, the media worldwide refers to Kosovo as the "newborn country".

Today, this sculpture has become the Monument of the Declaration of Independence of Kosova.

Awarded with:
One Show Merit Award
Bronze David Award

Cannes Gold Lion Award
Silver Clio Award
Silver Eurobest Award
Golden Drum Grand Prix
London International Awards Finalist

NEWBORN in the media

This event was featured in various media across the world, listed below:

BBC NEWS - Kosovo's PM in independence nod
BBC - Kosovo's giant mosh pit
AdWeek - Ideas That Inspire
Huffington Post - Defiant Kosovo Celebrates Independence
The Washington Times - Kosovo’s celebration Western-tinged
NY Daily News - Kosovo celebrates declaration of independence as Russia protests
The Telegraph (Australia) - Jubilation and hatred over Kosovo
The Sydney Morning Herald - Kosovo is born to cheers and jeers
New Kosova Report - NEWBORN, the symbol of Kosovo Independence
Picturetank - Kosovo : a young country looking for recognition

See also...
Work | NEWBORN Monument on the 5th Independence Anniversary
News | NEWBORN Highlights the Evening
Vala corporate re-branding
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Vala in Nov 2007
See all work in Ad Campaigns, Brand & Identity
Being the only mobile operator in the country at the time, Vala 900 underwent a number of technical enhancements to improve customer services, simultaneously requiring a new corporate image to take the company to the next level. With the second mobile operator in sight, Vala 900 requested a thorough re-branding and a strong identity to remain a strong competitor.

Simplifying its name to just Vala, we produced a new, modern and playful corporate image, retaining company's name and presence, whilst giving it a youthful feel using the letter V to represent a butterfly, a heart or a flip mobile phone.

An array of products was designed and produced, including concept and production of TV commercial, billboards, newspaper ads, brochures, leaflets, calendars, stickers, SIM Cards, scratchcards, merchandise and many other branded materials, making it one of the strongest brands in Kosova today.

Electricity is just another product
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for European Union in Aug 2007
See all work in Ad Campaigns, Design & Layout
We were asked to produce a campaign to make consumers aware that non-payment and illegal connections are wrong and can be punishable. At the same time, making people aware that by paying regularly and not stealing electricity there will be more available for everyone.

Electricity was presented as a product, similar to other products people buy in supermarkets. The idea was to represent electric energy as something that one can touch and feel, in order to make it more real to the consumer. The campaign would provide detailed information as to how important paying for and saving electricity is and how the more compliant people are, the better for everyone. Slogan for this campaign was “Edhe rryma është product që blehet. Paguaje që ta kesh!” (Electricity, too, is a product you buy. Pay it to have it!).

The entire campaign was launched through a range of services: Two strong TV commercials, for paying and saving, posters, billboards, flyers, radio adverts, stickers, newspaper adverts and website.


Have a cup of tea with BA  
Hot Pick Created in Albania & Kosova for British Airways in May 2007
See all work in Web & Games
Design and development of an interactive online game in the shape of interactive e-cards, promoting British Airways' special offers.

Users would design their cups, add milk and sugar, write a little note and send the cup of tea to friends and family. Winners of this online game received free return tickets to London.

Click here to visit the website.

Awarded the Imelda Ogilvy Network Silver Peanut Award in 2006.
Illustrated scratchcards
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Vala in Jun 2005
See all work in Design & Layout
Design of three kinds of pre-paid scratchcards for Vala 900 mobile telephony. All the cards have consistent similarities, while each of them is designated for a different audience.

The €5 card is meant for the youngsters, who have limited budgets, the €10 appeals to families, while the €20 card is for business people.
How to get to Sesame Street?
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Other clients in Nov 2004
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Following the launch of Sesame Street TV series in Albanian language, we were asked to produce a number of educational materials to be distributed to children in schools across Kosova. Each piece of work required careful application of guidelines for every Sesame Street character, in close co-operation with its creators in New York and UNICEF Kosova, bearing in mind the cultural diversity and proper adaptation.

Final execution consisted of over 100,000 printed educational materials for children, in the shape of activity books, flash cards, bags, posters, leaflets for pupils/teachers and a height charts.
VISA knows no boundaries
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for Raiffeisen Bank in Jun 2004
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Entering the Kosovar market for the first time, VISA launched with a set of TV commercials depicting various situations, which, when zoomed out, turned to different realities. For example, one of the commercials started off in a forest, which, when camera zoomed out, was in fact a vegetable stall inside a supermarket. We were briefed to produce a print campaign consistent with the TV commercials.

We developed an outdoor print, brochures and leaflets for Raiffeisen Bank's "VISA knows no boundaries" campaign for VISA and VISA Electron launch, depicting a "city" made of everyday objects one buys on a store with a credit/debit card. The billboard looks like a city from afar, only to be seen as a selection of products from up-close.
Albanian national sports fans logo
Hot Pick Created in Albania & Kosova for Other clients in Mar 2004
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Logo design for "Tifozat Kuq e Zi", Albanian National Sports Teams Fans, which has already become the identifying sign of Albanian fans around the world, widely used in flags, shirts, caps, scarves and other accessories.
London is closer than you think
Hot Pick Created in Kosova for British Airways in Aug 2003
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Creative production of poster, postcard and questionnaire for British Airways' "London is closer than you think" prize winning contest, depicting photographs of Prishtina city centre with London red buses, black cabs and other London elements.
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