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Valon is a graphic designer specialized in web projects. As a creative leader at boldUnderline. llc, he provides strategic solutions for clients of various industries in Kosova. A Montclair State University School of Art & Design graduate in Graphic Design, Valon has worked for NBA, Oxfam America and New York Film Academy, during his 9 year long stay in the USA.

He leads his projects both as a consultant and creative exec at boldUnderline. llc in Kosova, for companies such as IPKO Fiundation, Kosova Airlines, Lëvizja FOL, INPO, IPOL, Klinika Gjermane e Syrit and other various clients in private and public sector. His main principle in his day to day work is the application of good design and business.
Newborn: In more Ways than One
By Valon Sopi in Kosova on 28/02/2008 with comments
Tags: Advertising, Arts, Creative, Culture, English, Inspiration, Product design, Public, Social

Up to this point I thought art was something you have a gift for and something you do just to show everyone how well you can do something you enjoy....
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